01Club Deals

Apogee is an exclusive partner focused on accelerating the growth of lower middle-market companies with a strong focus on the entrepreneurial aspects of a business with a view to value creation. 

02 A team of experienced investors

With more than 60 years of experience in private equity, wealth management and entrepreneurial investments, Apogee is an organisation dedicated to sharing carefully selected opportunities with investment club members.

03 We are your partners

Apogee takes a partnership approach to the safeguarding and enhancement of wealth, driven by independent and conflict-free advisory, discipline, intellectual integrity, and alignment of interests with investment club members.

04 We have opinions

We are passionate about driving change in our investments with an industry-driven approach.

05 Independent and experienced

We are a global independent player dedicated to value creation and wealth preservation. The Firm’s experience and entrepreneurial spirit provides a solid support for managing the wealth of its investment club members.