We select companies that need a step change

We take a partnership approach with management teams
and participate in the formulation of comprehensive
value-creation plans from the start.

We are experienced entrepreneurs: we are personally
committed, we dare to create value, and we put our
industrial capabilities at the service of companies.


We urge and support companies in defining new approaches to value creation.

We allocate adequate resources:

• We provide the necessary financial support.
• Our team of investment professionals and our network of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals provide proven ability to create value across industries, strategies and geographies.

Our clearly defined playbook combines strategic and operational initiatives that include the following:

• Geographical expansion, organically leveraging our network and inorganically.
• Pricing optimization and strategy in ever more challenging market conditions.
• Go-to-market strategy specific to each geography, business model and market channel.
• Product portfolio expansion.


We have no geographical limits, but we tend to focus on platform companies headquartered in Europe.

We invest in all industries except for financial services and real estate.

Whilst we have no size limits, we see high potential in companies with EBITDA ranging from €2m to €10m.

We seek out stand-alone companies that need a step change to accelerate growth. We have the expertise, track record and reputation to partner with multinational corporations that seek to divest or carve-out non-core assets, performing or under-performing, that have the potential to be successful in the long-term as stand-alone companies.

We don't focus on distressed situations or start-ups. We don't focus on regulated or government-linked industries, non ESG compliant or single-client companies.

We focus on investments with majority positions.